Biomedical findings from NASA’s Project Mercury: a case series

William R. Carpentier, John B. Charles, Mark Shelhamer, Amanda S. Hackler, Tracy L. Johnson, Catherine M. M. Domingo, Jeffrey P. Sutton, Graham B. I. Scott and Virginia E. Wotring


Exploring the links between early life and young adulthood social T experiences and men’s later life psychobiology as fathers

Mallika S. Sarma, Patty X. Kuo, Sonny Agustin Bechayda, Christopher W. Kuzawa, Lee T. Gettler


Inter-Trial Correlations in Predictive-Saccade Endpoints: Fractal Scaling Reflects Differential Control along Task-Relevant and Orthogonal Directions

Pamela Federighi, Aaron L.Wong, and MarkShelhamer


A rapid quantification of binocular misalignment without recording eye movements: Vertical and torsional alignment nulling

Kara H. Beaton, Mark J. Shelhamer, Dale C. Roberts, Michael C. Schubert