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Bioastronautics @ Hopkins is an initiative at Johns Hopkins University that brings together Bioastronautics, Space Medicine, and Space Health Research. We currently host a seminar series, virtual networking happy hours, and journal club for the human spaceflight community.

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Bioastronautics @ Hopkins Seminar Series


Bioastronautics @ Hopkins hosts a series of occasional mini-symposia, each approximately two hours long, with a keynote speaker, panel discussion, and audience interaction. We hope you will join us for our events, which involve various topics related to human spaceflight. These events are hosted by the Commercial and Government Program Office of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. Topic and registration details below.



MARCH 16, 2022


Statistical Approaches to Spaceflight Data

You are invited to attend the next bioastronautics@hopkins Mini-Symposium on the topic of Statistical Approaches to Spaceflight Data. This event will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST.

Panel members will include Dr. Robert Reynolds, Visiting Data Scientist at NASA’s Human Health and Performance Directorate, and Dr. Robert Ploutz-Snyder, who directs the Applied Bioastatistics Laboratory at the University of Michigan’s School of Nursing. Ploutz-Snyder was previously a lead bioastatistician in NASA’s Human Research Program at the Johnson Space Center.



Dr. Robert Reynolds, Dr. Robert Ploutz-Snyder


November 15, 2021


Systems Medicine for Spaceflight

The agenda will involve a panel to discuss the topic of Systems Medicine for Spaceflight. Keynote Speaker Dr. Jennifer Fogarty is the Director of Applied Health and Performance at Sophic Synergistics. She previously held several positions at NASA including Chief Scientist at NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP). Other members of the panel will include Dr. Erik Antonsen, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine with a joint appointment in the Center for Space Medicine; and Dr. Kris Lehnhardt, Element Scientist for Exploration Medical Capabilities in NASA HRP.



Dr. Jennifer Fogarty, Dr. Erik Antonsen, Dr. Kris Lehnhardt